Individual & Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Wherever you are in your journey, therapy can help you. Your therapist will meet you at your point of need to walk with you as you move closer to your desired goals. Whether you want to change unhealthy behavior or you are going through relational issues or emotional distress, we can help you.

In therapy, you will be given a safe space for you to explore what’s going on in your life, in your relationships, and in your mind. It will be a time to discover more about yourself and creating self-awareness. We will work towards creating a process of empowerment and tapping into your inner strength.

Individual therapy is for children, adolescence, and adults struggling with symptoms and behaviors related to trauma, depression, anxiety, relational issues, significant life changes and/or other mood or behavior disorders.

Family Therapy

Family relationships are very complex and each member plays a specific role within the family.  Family has a profound impact on their emotions, roles, and actions.  A change in one individual member can impact the family dynamic in different ways and often times leads to an unbalanced family system.  Hidden Strengths' role is to provide families seeking treatment an opportunity to develop a degree of interdependence that can lead to a harmonious system.  Family therapy is for families seeking to improve relationships through exploring and restructuring unproductive family systems. The work involves strengthening communication, resolving conflict, and establishing healthy boundaries.



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